Go 2 Tap Revolutionizes Forklift Safety

Technology is everywhere and is constantly changing and improving. At times all these changes make you glad you don’t have to live without all these advances. Well Go 2 Tap is here to give you another item that you soon won’t want to be without.

Throughout the development of this new gas and break mechanism the opinions of forklift drivers provided valuable insight into what change was needed to make driving a forklift easier and more intuitive. Not only are the controls easier to understand they are more responsive so the forklift can be maneuvered easily in smaller spaces. These changes will help lower the rate of accidents caused by confusing controls.

For those who are currently looking to purchase a new forklift, be sure that you discuss Go 2 Tap with you forklift dealer. By ensuring that your new forklifts have Go 2 Tap you can be assured that you are giving your drivers the best gas and break mechanism available. If you are replacing an old forklift with a new model with this new technology you can be sure that your drivers will prefer the new forklift over any older model. You will soon have a favorite machine that everyone will want to drive.

For those who are not in the market to purchase, but do need to rent a forklift you can still benefit from the new technology. With the intuitive design of Go 2 Tap you will be able to rent a forklift knowing that you will not lose productive days to training drivers on complicated controls. Any dealer who also has forklift rentals will be able to provide you with the newest technology available to make your work easier.

So if you are renting or considering buying a new forklift, ask about the Go 2 Tap technology and don’t accept anything less.